Charlie lost his first tooth!

That sucker has been wiggly for a looooong time now. So long that his permanent teeth started to come in behind them! Which, I guess isn’t all that uncommon for the lower front teeth.

Yesterday afternoon, while driving to my mom’s he screeched “I pulled my tooth out”. He was so incredibly excited. It was like hitting the jackpot for him. I looked back to see a bloody mouth! Pleasant.

That evening, I went to a meeting at Charlie’s school and when I returned home he was fast asleep. He stayed home sick from school that day and went to sleep pretty early. The next thing I know, we hear Charlie talking. I could not make out what he was saying. When I reached his room, he was saying “What about my tooth fairy thing”. He has this really cute ‘Tooth Fairy Helper’ that we purchased from my friend Koz’ Etsy shop when she was fund raising for a walk. Then he said “DADDY forgot my tooth fairy thing”! I went in and helped him get it all ready. Let me tell you, that made the Tooth Fairy’s job much easier.

Later that night the Tooth Fairy paid him a visit and left him a bottle of Jones Orange & Cream Soda, Orange Tics (Tic Tacs), Fingerboard and a little cash. A few of his favorite things!

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Marching in the Parada del Sol

Charlie and Katelyn took part in the Parada del Sol Parade that took place on Saturday. Here are a few pictures that were captured! Charlie had a great time playing cowboy. He was so excited to dress up in his cowboy costume made by Grandma.
Getting sugared up for the 2 mile walk!
Katelyn-Indian Princess & Charlie-Cowboy

Katelyn-Indian Princess & Charlie-Cowboy

Looking the part as one handsome, tough cowboy!

Looking the part as one handsome, tough cowboy!

Leading the way!

Leading the way!

Waving to on lookers!

Smart girl made grandma carry her . . .

Smart girl made grandma carry her . . .

 . . . and PaPa, too!

. . . and Papa, too!

Petting a chicken

Petting a chicken

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What can I say…

the girl likes her SHOES. This morning we made a trip to Target. I avoided the shoe section knowing that if she made her way in there that it would be hard to get her out. I just didn’t have 3 hours to look and try on shoes today! I let her browse the dollar bins on the way in. I quickly grabbed what I needed and then started to make my way to the checkout. That’s when it happened. She spotted them. A pair of shoes. Just her size. On a clearance end cap. Before I could even blink she plopped herself down on the aisle floor ripped her sandals off with lightening speed and tried them on. She’s not even TWO! Mark my words. I’m SCREWED. Totally SCREWED.

As for Charlie, he made “Fruit Ke-POPS” with his teacher. Fruit Kebobs as others would call them. He really enjoyed making them with pineapples and strawberries. Don’t even try to correct the Ke-POPS to Kebobs because you are totally WRONG. Trust me, I found out the hard way!

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Don’t check, it doesn’t really exsist. Only in the imagination of a 5 year old. You see, Charlie loves corn dogs. I think the mystery meat part of it is DISGUSTING. So, I got this bright idea that I would try to make him some from scratch using the only hot dogs I will eat – Kosher. No, we are not Jewish but they are on to something with the NO mystery meat. Anyway, I was talking to Charlie about making some. Here was our convo:

Charlie: “Do you have a recipe?”

Me: “Nope.”

Charlie: “Just go print one. From !”

Me: EXITS, trying to keep a straight face.

As for the corn dogs. They need some tweaking. The batter was good. Hot dogs are kosher. Just need to adjust the cooking times a bit. Reduce temp and cook longer.

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Charlie’s 5th Birthday….

was, oh, I don’t know….only SIX MONTHS AGO! I know, I have been seriously slacking on the blog. I finally have the pictures showing up again! So without further ado, here are long over due pictures of Charlie’s party.

Cool presents…

Awesome dinosaur cake…

with Erupting Volcano!

And it’s not a party with out the Pinata. I think that’s a dinosaur limb flying?!

Birthday boy incognito!

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Labor Day Weekend

we went to the Phoenix Zoo!

Visiting Harmony Farm

The kids were able to brush the animals

Charlie was able to “drive” the old tractor

Tunnel exploration

Then we played in the tree house! Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of these in your back yard? I don’t think our orange trees will work to create one for our kids. When I was a kid, my sister and I had a tree house of sorts. In our yard there was a cluster of Creosote Bush and it created the perfect hideout for us to play in- right in the middle of them all. Even though it wasn’t up in the high branches of a large tree it was still our tree house. Where we lovingly made mud pies in old pie tins.

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Back to school

Charlie started what is considered Kindergarten a few weeks back. In Montessori it’s called Primary. Here is a picture of him on his first day back. He was NOT happy about having his picture taken! I walked him to his new class that morning, which was right next to the one he was in last year. He was NOT happy about that either. He insisted he knew where his class was but I wanted to be sure.

The next morning as we were getting into the car to take him to school he said “Don’t walk me to my class. I know where it is”. Standing at the garage door with Katelyn, Chuck heard that and said “Now make sure you walk him to class”. Charlie did not like that and started up again “Just drop me off! I KNOW where my class is”. He’s hilarious. We’re already embarassing him and he’s only five.

He seems to be having a good time again this year. As long as we don’t walk him to class!

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